ICEBoard for Education

Multimedia Clasroom
Multimedia classroom solution, with ICE Board as Core, operates with other teaching peripherals like Visualizer, Mobile Teaching Device and Wireless Amplifier, and education software suite like Note, Connect etc. It enhances teaching efficiency and enriches the way of teaching, making a perfect solution for schools.

1. Mobile teaching

- Present questions through the software and allow students to answer on the tablet. Statistic of students answer will be shown on classroom ICE Board.
- Take pictures and share with students wirelessly
- Power Point courseware display

2. Powerfull Whiteboard Software

Teaching tools for different subjects
- Improvement of teaching efficiency
- Create engaging learning environment
- Under the same network, teacher can ask students to do vote and get real-time result

Lesson Preparing Solution
Lesson preparing solution is an innovative teaching model. Teachers can make screen recording, edit and prepare courseware at home before class begins.

1. Powerfull Lesson Preparation

- Teachers can use the digital tablet and document camera to make a more effective preparation

2. Easy Editing

- Teachers can edit contents with various tools and add special effects to the materials

Central Management Solution
Through central management solution, teachers can manage the ICE Board without going to each classroom principals can start a real time broadcast to the whole school/campus culture promotion can be managed effectively.

1. Central Management

- Control all ICE Board in the campus
- Real time monitoring and maintenance

2. Data Analys

- Automatically collects operation and issues regular report

3. Remote Control

- Time on/off, Channel switch
- Scheduled power on/off
- Information/notification publish

4. Easy Log in

- log in with username and password from any terminal