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ICE Board For Education


Hybrid Teaching Solution

In New Normal Era

  • Collaborative distance learning in or outside the classroom
  • Cloud-based virtual classroom
  • Built for collaboration and instruction
  • Remote administration platform
  • Take collaborative learning to the next level

ICE Board available in 65 inch, 75 inch, and 86 inch with stand or wall-mounting support for every classroom


Available option for using OPS Pluggable PC (Intel i5 / i7), quick switch between Android, Windows OPS PC and Multi-input


Side-bar Widget (Whiteboard, Annotate and save, Zoom In-Out, Spotlight, AirClass)

power bi

Using ICE Board with Power BI, makes everything more efficient and interactive


Dettachable to ICE Board into its slot (OPS slot is located in the side body of ICE Board); no need cable to connect OPS to ICE Board. OPS running with Windows 10 IoT and 3 special software : Capture, Connect and Note Software


Write, annotate, and draw with accurate touch & smooth writing experience. Also take screenshots easily from any software displayed on the ICE Board


Compatible with any USB Conference Camera, Speakerphone and Video Conferences Software



Hybrid Classroom

  • Physical classroom run parallel with remote online teaching (at home)
  • Collaborative distance learning in or outside the classroom
  • Share your screen, remotely monitor and assist students in real-time

ICE Board Hybrid Teaching Solution With TeacherView

  • Special design for Hybrid Teaching
  • Enhance existing Video Conferences (Zoom, Google Meeting, Microsoft Teams, etc.) with teaching features
  • Provide teachers with tools to control student screen
  • Ensure interactivity
  • Unique AI-based Emoticon (teacher can see their students expression through emoji identification)

TeacherView Features

  • Teachers can create policies so that each student is required to share their student’s camera and computer screen
  • The teacher can also make a policy that only certain web addresses can be accessed by students
  • The teacher can also view & control the tabs of the website that the student is currently opening
  • The teacher can lock the student’s screen display and focus on the learning material
  • Teachers can share a specific website link and immediately appear on each student’s screen automatically
  • The teacher can see the expressions of all students and the results appear as emojis/emoticons

ICE Board Device Management

Platform for Interactive Screens (IFP) and Signage

(Optional Module)

  • Remote real-time screen control/view
  • Screen sharing (one to many, many to one)
  • Software distribution and updates
  • OTA and firmware management
  • Adjust settings (Brightness, Volume, Source, etc.)
  • Power management (Shut down, Power On)
  • Policy enforcement with web and app filtering
  • Kiosk modes for single/multipurpose usage
  • Grouping and tagging
  • Device-level usage history and reports
  • Preconfigured workflows