ICE Board For Education

Hybrid Teaching Solution

In New Normal Era

  • Collaborative distance learning in or outside the classroom
  • Cloud-based virtual classroom
  • Built for collaboration and instruction
  • Remote administration platform
  • Take collaborative learning to the next level

ICE Board available in 65 inch, 75 inch, and 86 inch with stand or wall-mounting support for every classroom

Available option for using OPS Pluggable PC (Intel i5 / i7), quick switch between Android, Windows OPS PC and Multi-input

Side-bar Widget (Whiteboard, Annotate and save, Zoom In-Out, Spotlight, AirClass)

Using ICE Board with Power BI, makes everything more efficient and interactive

Dettachable to ICE Board into its slot (OPS slot is located in the side body of ICE Board); no need cable to connect OPS to ICE Board. OPS running with Windows 10 IoT and 3 special software : Capture, Connect and Note Software

Write, annotate, and draw with accurate touch & smooth writing experience. Also take screenshots easily from any software displayed on the ICE Board

Compatible with any USB Conference Camera, Speakerphone and Video Conferences Software


Hybrid Classroom

  • Physical classroom run parallel with remote online teaching (at home)
  • Collaborative distance learning in or outside the classroom
  • Share your screen, remotely monitor and assist students in real-time

ICE Board Hybrid Teaching Solution With TeacherView

  • Special design for Hybrid Teaching
  • Enhance existing Video Conferences (Zoom, Google Meeting, Microsoft Teams, etc.) with teaching features
  • Provide teachers with tools to control student screen
  • Ensure interactivity
  • Unique AI-based Emoticon (teacher can see their students expression through emoji identification)

TeacherView Features

  • Teachers can create policies so that each student is required to share their student’s camera and computer screen
  • The teacher can also make a policy that only certain web addresses can be accessed by students
  • The teacher can also view & control the tabs of the website that the student is currently opening
  • The teacher can lock the student’s screen display and focus on the learning material
  • Teachers can share a specific website link and immediately appear on each student’s screen automatically
  • The teacher can see the expressions of all students and the results appear as emojis/emoticons

ICE Board Device Management

Platform for Interactive Screens (IFP) and Signage

(Optional Module)

  • Remote real-time screen control/view
  • Screen sharing (one to many, many to one)
  • Software distribution and updates
  • OTA and firmware management
  • Adjust settings (Brightness, Volume, Source, etc.)
  • Power management (Shut down, Power On)
  • Policy enforcement with web and app filtering
  • Kiosk modes for single/multipurpose usage
  • Grouping and tagging
  • Device-level usage history and reports
  • Preconfigured workflows