What is ICE Board?
ICE Board stands for Interactive Collaborative Electronic Board. ICE Board Interactive Flat Panel/Interactive White Board is a best solution for interactive meeting room and educational classroom usage. This 10-point touch display, enable multiple users to write or draw on the display’s using fingers or styluses simultaneously. This display provides super easy annotation and multimedia playback without the need for a PC. ICE Board can be placed on a wall mount, or on optional stand for flexible installation in classrooms and corporate meeting rooms.


Interactive Screen

Room Suggestion

  65" 86"
Meeting Room 15 - 25 m2
30 - 50 m2
Attendance 3 - 12 people 10 - 30 people


 Key Features

4K Resolution Anti-glare tempered glass screen Accurate touch & Smooth Writing Experience
Write, Highlight, Annotate, Draw, Take Notes
(up to 10 points touch)
Wireless Presentation
(compatible with Windows, Android, IOS, Mac)
max. 4 screen simultaneously
2-way editing & control
with ScreensharePro
Airclass Voter Software Countdown, Timer, Spotlight
Note for Android    


OPS 4K PC Module Product Specification

Dettachable to ICE Board into its slot (OPS slot is located in the side body of ICE Board); no need cable to connect OPS to ICE Board.

- Windows 10 Professional
- Capture Software (Windows screen recording & video editor software)
- Connect Software (presenter software to control  powerpoint and remote ICE Board)
- Note Software (whiteboard software)

Warranty 1 year service & spreparts

Product Features

Dual OS multi input

Sidebar widget

Anotate, save, email


Easy Cable
One cable solution for sharing your PC/Mobile Device screen to Interactive Flat Panel via USB port, it also provides reverse touch control of PC/Mobile Device through Interactive Flat Panel



A compact wall-mount visualizer designed for classroom to cooperate with IFP devices it can  
capture images, movement, scan and annotate paper documents and other objects through the IFP screen.



All-in-One ConferenceCam with 120° field of view and integrated audio, perfect for small conference  and huddle rooms.



Affordable video conferencing for mid to large sized meeting rooms



This stand support ICE Board to be used as mobile Interactive Flat Panel.

Software (Software in OPS 4K PC Module)

Note for Windows
- Import/export Office files to Note or save it as jpeg/pdf meeting notes.
- Touchscreen-based interactive whiteboard software designed for meeting room & classroom activity.
- Note works with ICE Board and provides whiteboard function like writing, erasing, annotating, drawing, and roaming.
- Superior interactive teaching and demonstration experience are achieved based on the interactive multimedia function of the ICE Board, such as subject-specific tools and multimedia playback, browsing, photo editor, etc.

- Connect is software installed in mobile device (Android/IOS) for presenter/teacher to control ICE Board with mobile device.
- Presenter can operate whole ICE Board from their phone without touch ICE Board (remote function).
- Presenter can operate PowerPoint files, annotate, highlight from their phone without touch ICE Board (pointer function).
- With this software, mobile phone can be used as mobile visualizer to scan document or capture moving object and show it to ICE Board.

- Capture is software to record both screen activity and also record the room activity (by adding camera).
- Can be used as meeting preparing stuff or meeting notes, so the notes of meeting not only annotation JPEG but also video step by step the meeting process. Or in education, it can be used for lesson record video.
- Include video editor feature to cut, edit transition, zoom, add watermark or text to make the video have more detail information.